11. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı 2017-2018

B1+ – B2 Seviyesinde 2017-2018 Konuları


1. Ünite What A Life – Nasıl Bir Hayat
# Describing places, people, and events in the past
# Ordering events
# Talking about personal experiences in the past

2. Ünite Hard Times – Zor Zamanlar
# Describing events happening at the same time in the past
# Explaining people’s habits in the past

3. Ünite Future Jobs – Geleceğin Meslekleri
Making plans and predictions
Making an appointment
Talking on the phone

4. Ünite Back To The Past – Geçmişe Dönüş
# Expressing wishes and regrets for past events
# Talking about unreal past events

5. Ünite Hobbies and Skills – Hobiler ve Yetenekler
Expressing likes, dislikes and interests
Expressing preferences
Talking about present and past abilities

6. Ünite Open Your Heart – Kalbini Aç
Expressing degrees of certainty in the past
Expressing the criticism for the events in the past

7. Ünite Facts From Turkey – Türkiye Hakkında Gerçekler
Talking about landmarks and monuments
Describing cities and historic sites
Asking for and giving more detailed information

8. Ünite What If…
Reporting news
Making interview
Talking about sports

9. Ünite My Friends – Arkadaşlarım
Describing events, places and people
Asking for and giving clarification

10. Ünite Habits : Now and Then
Expressing opinions
Exchanging ideas
Making comments