12. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı ve Konuları 2024-2025

1. Ünite Music – Müzik
Expressing opinion (agreeing, disagreeing, etc.)
Expressing preferences

2. Ünite Friendship – Arkadaşlık
Describing personal features
Making conclusions
Stating reasons

3. Ünite Human Rights – İnsan Hakları
Expressing ideas on human rights (gender equality,children rights…)
Making suggestions
Discussing problems

4. Ünite Coming Soon – Yakında
Making predictions
Expressing degrees of certainty and uncertainty
Receiving instructions about cyber games

5. Ünite Psychology – Psikoloji
Describing mood
Making suggestions to change negative mood
Following and giving instructions

6. Ünite Favors – İyilik
Making requests
Accepting and declining requests
Asking for and responding to favors

7. Ünite News Stories – Haber Hikayeleri
Narrating a past event / experience
Talking about sequential actions

8. Ünite Alternative Energy – Alternatif Enerji
Describing problems
Making complaints
Offering solutions

9. Ünite Technology – Teknoloji
Talking about things needed to be done
Asking and answering questions in interviews

10. Ünite Manners – Davranış, Tutum
Talking about wishes and regrets
Giving explanations