7. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı 2017-2018

1. Ünite Appearance And Personality – Dış Görünüş ve Kişilik
Describing characters/people (What does your best friend look like? • S/he is attractive, with curly hair and green eyes.)
Making simple comparisons (Giving explanations/reasons) (S/he can play basketball well because s/he is taller than me.)
Making simple inquiries

2. Ünite Biographies – Biyografiler
# 29th October Atatürk, the founder of Turkish Republic (29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı)
# Giving explanations/reasons
# Making simple inquiries
# Talking about past events (S/he was a hardworking person. Why did s/he move to Manchester?
— S/he moved to Manchester to study physics.)
# Telling the time, days and dates (S/he was born in London in 1970. S/he grew up in London and s/ he stayed there until 1988.)

3. Ünite Sports – Spor
# 10th November, The anniversary of Atatürk’s passing away (10 Kasım Atatürk’ü Anma Günü ve Atatürk Haftası)
# Describing the frequency of actions
# Describing what are doing now
# Describing what people do regularly (Giving explanations and reasons) (I never/sometimes/often/usually/ always wake up early in the mornings.)
# Giving explanations and reasons
# Making simple inquiries
# Talking about past events
# Telling people what we know
4. Ünite Wild Animals – Vahşi Hayvanlar
Describing the frequency of actions (Tigers usually hunt during the day.)
# Giving explanations/reasons
Making simple inquiries (Where do tigers live? • They live in Asia.)
Making simple suggestions
Talking about past events (Giving explanations/reasons) (Some animals became extinct because people hunted them for different reasons.)

5. Ünite Television – Televizyon
Describing what people do regularly (I usually watch football matches at weekends.)
Expressing preferences (I prefer movies to TV series.)
# Giving explanations/reasons
Making simple inquiries
Stating personal opinions (Talk shows are usually amusing, but I think reality shows are pretty boring.)
Talking about past events (Did you watch the wild life documentary last night?

6. Ünite Parties – Partiler
Accepting and refusing (Would you like some cake? • Yes, please.)
Expressing basic needs
# Expressing quantity (some/a lot of, a lot of/many/one or two/some)
Giving and responding to simple instructions
Making arrangements and sequencing the actions (It is easy to organize a great party. First, Then, Finally…)
Making simple suggestions
7. Ünite Superstitions – Batıl İnançlar
#18th March The Remembrance of Çanakkale Martyrs (19 Mart Şehitleri Anma Günü ve Çanakkale Deniz Zaferi)
Making predictions about the future (Will I be successful in my career?
— Yes, you will. Definitely! Also, You will be very happy in your relationship.)
Making simple inquiries
Making simple suggestions
Talking about possessions

8. Ünite Public Buildings – Kamu Binaları
Describing what people do regularly
Giving explanations/reasons (You should play in the new park to make friends. S/he can go to shopping malls to buy anything.
Making simple suggestions
Talking about plans
Talking about past events

9. Ünite Environment – Çevre
Describing simple processes (First, get the seeds. Then, plant and water them.)
Expressing obligation (should, have to, must)
Giving explanations/reasons (Rain forests are important because they are necessary for oxygen.)

10. Ünite Planets – Gezegenler
Making simple comparisons (— Jupiter is larger than Saturn.)
Telling the time, days and dates
Talking about past events (When did scientists discover Pluto? In 2003, the Mars Exploration mission began.)
Telling people what we know