3. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Müfredatı ve Konuları 2022-2023 MEB

3. Sınıf İngilizce Konu Müfredatı

1. Ünite Greeting – Selamlama
Greeting and saluting (Hi, Hello, Good evening, Good night,…)
Introducing oneself (My name is/This is …, I am … )
Naming numbers (Numbers from 1 to 20)

2. Ünite My Family – Ailem
Asking about and introducing family members (Who is …?)

3. Ünite People I Love – Sevdiğim İnsanlar
Describing characters/people (Are you young?)
Expressing ability and inability (Can s/he …?)

4. Ünite Feelings – Duygular
Expressing feelings (I am happy, I feel good)
Making simple suggestions (Let’s …)

5. Ünite Toys and Games – Oyuncaklar ve Oyunlar
Expressing Quantity (How many …. are there?
Naming colors (My ball is green. It’s a yellow kite.)
Talking about possessions (Have you got …? Yes, I have)

6. Ünite My House – Evim
Describing sizes and shapes (Is it big? Yes, it is. No it is small.)
Talking about locations of things (Where is ….?)
Talking about possessions (Has s/he has. No, s/he has not)

7. Ünite In My City – Şehrimde
Apologizing (Sorry, So sorry, Sorry about that)
Talking about locatoins of things and people (Where are you …? Where is the …?)

8. Ünite Transportation – Ulaşım
Talking about locations of things (Where is the boat?)
Asking and giving information about transportation (How can i go/get to …?)

9. Ünite Weather – Hava
Describing the weather (How is the weather? It’s rainy/snowy)

10. Ünite Nature – Doğa
Expressing likes and dislikes (I like/love, but I dislike/hate)
Making simple inquiries (Are there four dolphins? Yes there are four dolphins, No. There is one dolphin.)
Talking about nature and animals (This/That/It is a frog. It’s a big and green.)