9. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı ve Konuları 2024-2025

1. Ünite Studying Abroad – Yurtdışında Okumak
Meeting new people and introducing oneself and family
Talking about possessions
Asking for and giving directions

2. Ünite My Environment – Çevrem
Talking about locations of things
Asking about and describing neighborhood
# Making comparisons

3. Ünite Movies – Filmler
Talking about likes/ dislikes, hobbies and free time activities
Expressing opinions
Making preferences
Telling and asking about the time and the date
Inviting and refusing/accepting an invitation

4. Ünite Human In Nature – Doğada İnsan
Describing daily routines
Talking about abilities
Talking about frequencies of activities

5. Ünite Inspirational People – İlham Veren İnsanlar
Asking about and describing people’s appearances and characters
Comparing characteristics and appearances.
Expressing opinions (Agreeing, disagreeing, etc…)
Talking about current activities

6. Ünite Bridging Cultures – Kültürleri Köprülemek
Asking about and describing cities
Identifying cultural differences
Talking about travel and tourism
Ordering food

7. Ünite World Heritage – Dünya Kültür Varlıkları
Talking about past events
Making inquiries about the ancient civilizations
Asking and answering questions in an interview

8. Ünite Emergency and Health Problems- Acil Durum ve Sağlık Problemleri
Giving and asking for advice
Giving and understanding simple instructions in case of emergency
Seeing the doctor
Expressing obligations and prohibitions

9. Ünite Invitations and Celebrations – Davetler ve Kutlamalar
Asking for and giving suggestions
Doing shopping
Making requests
Talking about future plans
Making and answering phone calls

10. Ünite Television and Social Media – Televizyon ve Sosyal Medya
Making predictions about the future
Asking for and giving opinion (agreement, disagreement, etc…)
Interrupting someone in a conversation
Gaining time in a conversation