8. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı 10. Ünite Cevapları

Bu bölümde öğrenciler anlayamadıkları bölümleri daha iyi kavrayabilmek için kılavuz niteliğinde hazırlanmıştır. Konuyu daha iyi kavrayabilmek için buradan öğrendiklerinizle kendinizde çözmeye farklı örnekler yapmaya çalışınız. Öğrenci cevaplarını birebir kopyalamayınız. Buradaki 8. sınıf ingilizce natural forces ders kitabı cevapları ve çözümleri sizin için derslerinize büyük katkı sağlayacak eksiklerinizi giderebileceksiniz.


# 1. Match the natural disasters with the photos. Write the correct numbers in the boxes. Then listen and check.


# 2. Give your explanation about the disasters using the phrases below.

Önerilen cevaplar,

Photo number 2 shows a volcanic eruption because I can see lava falling down the mountain
Photo number 3 shows a tornado because I can see strong wind going round in the circle.
Photo number 4 shows an avalanche because I can see snow falling down a mountain.
Photo number 5 shows a tsunami because I can see a huge wave hitting the city
Photo number 6 shows a flood because I can see cars under the water.
Photo number 7 shows an earthquake because I can see collapsed buildings and search and rescue teams.
Photo number 8 shows landslide because I can see earth on mountain road
Photo number 9 shows a forest fire because I can see burning pine trees across the hill.

# 3. What other disasters do you know? How can we save the Earth and people from natural disasters? Choose a disaster and make some suggestions about saving the Earth and people, as in the example.

Öğrencinin kendi cevabı


# 1. Why do we have so many deaths, injuries or physical damage in earthquakes? Talk about your ideas with your friends.

Öğrencinin kendi cevabı

# 2. Listen and read the brochure. Then complete the diagram.

Öğrencinin kendi cevabı

# 3. Think of a natural disaster. Search the Net. First, make your diagram to take a course of action and then present it in class.

Öğrencinin kendi cevabı


# 1. Look at the photos below. What do the people in the photos do? Where are they? What are they doing at the moment? Talk about your ideas with your friends.

Önerilen cevap,

They are anchors. The first one is in news studio and the second one is on the field.The first one is introducing the news on TV, and the second one is reporting the damage from the flooded area.


# 1. There are some possible problems of the Planet Earth in the future in the box. Which one/s will be the most important in your opinion? Tick (✓) your guess/es

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# 2. Listen and answer the questions.


# 3. Work in pairs. Choose problems from Activity 1 and make a similar dialogue, as in Activity 2. If your friend asks for clarification, answer his/her follow-up questions.

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# 1. Read the text below and answer the questions.

1) What’s the future problem of the planet in the text?
Petrol shortage
2) What’s the reason for it according to the text?
There are too many cars on the roads
3) What are the possible solutions?
Using public transport, carpools or electric cars and bicycles
4) Do you agree with the prediction in the text? Why/ Why not?
Öğrencinin kendi cevabı


# 1. Write the disasters below under the correct heading.


# 2. Make sentences in teams. Use words/ phrases from the list below. Each correct sentence gets one point. The teams with the most points wins.

Öğrencinin kendi cevabı


# 1. What natural disasters are they? Read and find.

1) flood
2) forest fire
3) landslide
4) tsunami
5) avalanche

# 1. What natural disasters are they? Read and find.

1) struck
2) lasted
3) reached
4) left
5) lost
6) injured
7) rescued
8) sent
9) destroyed
10) damaged