8. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı 3. Ünite Cevapları

Bu bölümde öğrenciler anlayamadıkları bölümleri daha iyi kavrayabilmek için kılavuz niteliğinde hazırlanmıştır. Konuyu daha iyi kavrayabilmek için buradan öğrendiklerinizle kendinizde çözmeye farklı örnekler yapmaya çalışınız. Öğrenci cevaplarını birebir kopyalamayınız. Buradaki 8. sınıf ingilizce cooking ders kitabı cevapları ve çözümleri sizin için derslerinize büyük katkı sağlayacak eksiklerinizi giderebileceksiniz.


Cooking Words

# 1. Look at the photos. Then listen and repeat.

 Fotoğraflara bakın. Sonra dinleyin ve tekrar edin.

# 2. Match these cooking words with their meanings.

1) to cook something quickly in oil on the top of the oven – fry
2) to cut something into pieces with a knife – chop
3) to put something close to very strong direct heat – grill
4) to cook something in hot water – boil
5) to move something around with a spoon – stir
6) to cut something into thin pieces – slice
7) to put something in quickly in a large quantity – pour
8) to take the skin of a fruit or vegetable – peel
9) to prepare (dough) by pressing a mixture of flour, water, etc., with your hands – knead


# 3. Look, read and complete the sentences.

1) I’ve got the cheese, but where’s the grater?
2) Can you pass me the tin opener, please? I want to open this tin of peas.
3) Let’s have some fried eggs. Where’s the frying pan?
4) Put some water in the saucepan to make the pasta.


Simple Secrets

# 1. Look at the photos and the title. What do you think the texts are about? Listen, read and check.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.

# 2. Read the texts again and tick (✓) the correct sentences.

✓ Let the egg wait for a while in the kitchen before boiling it

An egg cracks if you boil it as soon as you take it from the fridge

✓ Add the salt on meat after you cook it.

You must grill both sides of the meat.

Onions make you cry.

Hold the onions under the water in order not to cry a lot.

Cold potatoes are hard to mash

Mash the potatoes when they are hot

# 3. Read the texts again and match

1) boil – e 
2) mash – d
3) grill – b
4) put – c
5) chop – a

# 4. Guess the probable meanings of the expressions below.


# 5. Search the Net or ask your parents and learn some interesting secrets about cooking. Share your secrets with your classmates.

 Bring the boiled potatoes to room temperature. So, you can peel them easily


# 1. Guess the dish in the photo. Share your ideas.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.

# 2. Listen to the recipe and complete the table.


# 3. Listen again and complete the gaps in the sentences. Then put the sentences in the correct order.

5 – a) Cook the mixture until it’s golden brown.
2 – b) Add cream, salt and garlic powder
7 – c) Put it on a plate.
6 – d) Turn the other side and cook until the other side is golden brown.
1 – e) Break the eggs into the bowl.
9 – f) Fold it in half to melt the cheese.
10 – g) Serve it immediately!
4 – h) Heat the oil in a frying pan and pour the mixture into the frying pan.
8 – i) Put the cheese and tomatoes in the centre of the omelette
3 – j) Mix them.

# 4. Tell the class how to make this dish.


# 1. What do you know about the dishes in the photos? Which countries do you think they are from? Share your ideas.


# 2. Read and write the names of the dishes under the photos in Activity 1


# 3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions and exchange ideas about national dishes in Activity 2

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.

# 4. Give a simple presentation about making bread. Follow the steps. Use the phrases in the box to help you

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.


# 1. Look at the photo and read the name of the dish. What do you think you need to make this dish? Share your ideas.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.

# 2. Put the instructions in the correct order to complete the recipe in Activity 2. Write 1-4, as in the example.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.

# 3. Read the recipe and fill in: first, next, finally.

a) 3 . Next, mix the inside of the potatoes with the cheese, butter, salt and pepper. Then put the mixture back inside the potato skin
b) 4. Finally, put the stuffed potatoes back in the oven and cook for fifteen minutes. You can serve the jacket potato with salad
c) 1. Ingredients 4 potatoes 1 cup grated cheese 4tbsp butter salt and pepper
d) 2. First clean the potatoes well. Put the potatoes in the oven and cook at 190 °C for one hour. When the potatoes are ready, cut each one

# 4. Complete the recipe with these words. One word is extra.

Have some chocolate with your ice cream
I love making chocolate 1) sauce to put on my ice cream. First, I 2) chop some chocolate into pieces and mix it with some 3) milk . Then I heat it and 4) stir it until it turns into a liquid. Finally, I put some 5) sugar in and put it on my ice cream. Yummy ice cream! Delicious!

# 5. Write a recipe for your favourite dish. Include first, next, finally, etc.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.


a) snails
b) spaghetti
c) sushi
d) fish and chips
e) paella

a) France
b) Italy
c) Japan
d) England
e) Spain


# 1. Complete the sentences with these words: sweet, salty, creamy, spicy, delicious.

1) It’s a very spicy dish with a lot of chilli peppers in it
2) This dish is usually quite salty . It has got a lot of salt in it.
3) You can add yoghurt and milk to the sauce to make it creamy.
4) You must try this. It’s absolutely delicious.
5) There is a lot of sugar in this dessert, so it’s very sweet .

# 2. Read the recipe for a Spanish omelette and choose the best answer a , b or c.

1) First, chop the potatoes into small pieces
2) Then fry the potatoes in olive oil.
3) When you cook, add the eggs
4) Stir the eggs and potatoes together
5) Fry the eggs and potatoes slowly so that the omelette doesn’t burn

# 3. Put the words in brackets into the correct form.

1) This dish is too salty for me to eat (eat)
2) Do you fancy having (have) a Spanish omelette?
3) I’d like to have (have) a Mexican omelette, please
4) Do you want to try (try) snails?
5) Let me help (help) you with the dishes.