8. Sınıf İngilizce Ders Kitabı 6. Ünite Cevapları

Bu bölümde öğrenciler anlayamadıkları bölümleri daha iyi kavrayabilmek için kılavuz niteliğinde hazırlanmıştır. Konuyu daha iyi kavrayabilmek için buradan öğrendiklerinizle kendinizde çözmeye farklı örnekler yapmaya çalışınız. Öğrenci cevaplarını birebir kopyalamayınız. Buradaki 8. sınıf ingilizce adventures ders kitabı cevapları ve çözümleri sizin için derslerinize büyük katkı sağlayacak eksiklerinizi giderebileceksiniz.


Extreme Activities

# 1. Match the phrases with the photos. Listen and check, then say.

1) climb a volcano – G
2) ride a camel – E
3) go bungee jumping – A
4) dive with sharks – H
5) ski down a mountain – C
6) jump out of a plane – F
7) swim with dolphins – B
8) try ice climbing – D

# 2. Match the words with their meanings. Then use your dictionary to check the answers.

1) amusing – c
2) challenging – f
3) disappointing – g
4) embarrassing – b
5) entertaining – d
6) fascinating – e
7) thrilling – a
8) amazing – b

# 3. What do you think about extreme activities? Share your ideas, as in the examples.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.

# 4. Compare the extreme activities below using the words in parantheses, as in the example.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.

# 5. What activities do you prefer? Why? Work in groups of four and complete the table. Use the sentences in the box below to help you. Then report it in class.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.


# 1. Look at the postcards. Where is each person? Match the photos with the people.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.


# 2. Listen and read the postcards and choose a, b, c or d to complete each statement.

1) Paul’s dream was to swim with dolphins.
2) Lisa thinks riding a camel was a fascinating adventure.
3) Tony won’t forget the thrilling climbing.
4) Maria thinks flying over in a hot air balloon is exciting. 

# 3. Read the texts again and complete the table.


# 4. Whose adventure do you think is the most exciting? Write a few sentences and tell the class.

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# 5. Imagine you are on holiday. Write a postcard to your English pen-friend about your adventures.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.


# 1. What’s the difference between cycling and mountain biking? Share your ideas.

Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.

# 2. Listen to the discussion and find the topic. Choose from the options.

a) Adventure lovers

# 3. Listen again. Write T (true) or F (false).

1) An adventure is an exciting experience. (T)
2) Life is an adventure. (T)
3) Some people like taking risks. (T)
4) Everybody prefers extreme sports. (F)
5) Physical activities are more dangerous than extreme sports. (F)
6) Adrenalin junkies are adventure lovers. (T)
7) Most people enjoy fast and dangerous sports. (F)
8) Some people prefer extreme sports to test themselves. (T)
9) Skydiving is not an extreme sport. (F)
10) Extreme sports are challenging. (T)

# 4. Are you an ‘adrenalin junkie’? Why/Why not? Share your opinions in class.

 Öğrencinin kendi cevabı.


# 1. Match the words.

1) bungee jumping
2) scuba diving
3) mountain biking
4) horse riding
5) ice climbing
6) motor racing
7) riding a camel
8) swimming with dolphins

# 2. Complete the sentences with four of the phrases above.

1) I’d like to try swimming with dolphins, but unfortunately, I can’t swim well.
2) I can cycle, but I think it’s dangerous to go mountain biking/scuba diving/motor racing
3) I believe it’s thrilling to go ice climbing because everywhere is slippery
4) I’m afraid of height, so I can’t try bungee jumping.

# 3. Complete the dialogue with the sentences a-e in the box.

1) c
2) b
3) c
4) a
5) d