6. Sınıf İngilizce Müfredatı 2017-2018

1. Ünite After School
Describing what people do regularly (What do you, What does s/he …?)
# Making simple inquiries (Basit sorular yapmak)
Telling the time and dates (What time is it? / What is the time?)

2. Ünite Yummy Breakfast – Lezzetli Kahvaltı
Accepting and refusing (Can I have some cheese? Do you want some tea? Sure. No, it’s all gone.)
Describing what people do regularly (I eat honey and butter in the mornings.)
Expressing likes and dislikes (Yummy! I love/like muffins!, I don‘t like junk food. It‘s my favorite!)
Making simple inquiries

3. Ünite A Day In My City – Şehirde Bir Gün
Describing places (Making comparisons) (Downtown is busier on Mondays.)
Describing what people are doing now (What is s/he doing now/at the moment?)
Making comparisons
Making simple inquiries

4. Ünite Weather and Emotions – Hava ve Duygular
Describing places (What‘s the weather like? — It‘s foggy.)
Describing the weather
Expressing feelings (— I don‘t get it. Can you repeat
that, please?)
# Making simple inquiries (— I don‘t get it. Can you repeat
that, please?)

5. Ünite At the Fair – Fuarda
Describing places (There are many fun things at the fair.)
Expressing feelings (I think they are frightening.)
Expressing likes and dislikes (I agree. like/hate)
Making comparisions
Stating personal opinions (What do you think about fairs? I thinks … I disagree …)
6. Ünite Vacation – Tatil
Making simple inquiries
# Stating personal opinions
Talking about past events

7. Ünite Occupations – Meslekler
Describing what people do regularly
# Expressing ability and inability
# Making simple inquiries
# Naming the days
Telling the time, days and dates (—S/he was in Istanbul in May.)

8. Ünite Detectives At Work
# Describe what people are doing now
Expressing quantity
Making simple inquiries
Talking about locations of things
Talking about past events (What happened in the library
yesterday? — I read important books.)

9. Ünite Saving the Planet – Gezegeni Kurtarmak

# Describing what people are doing now
Giving and responding to simple suggestions (What should we do to save our world? — We should save energy.)
Making simple inquiries
Making simple suggestions
Telling someone what to do

10. Ünite Democracy – Demokrasi
Giving and responding to simple instructions
talk about your plans/opinions.)
Making simple inquiries (Are you a candidate? Who is your candidate?)
Talking about past events (— We had an election in our
school. — We elected our classroom president.)
Talking about what people do regularly