İngilizce Müfredat ve Konular 2022-2023

2. Sınıf İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Words – Kelimeler
# Telling people what we know (This’s/That’s a/an…)

2. Ünite Friends – Arkadaşlar
# Asking someone’s name (What’s your name?, My name is …)
# Greeting and meeting people (Hi, Hello, Good morning, …)

3. Ünite In The Classroom – Sınıfta
# Expressing and responding to thanks (Thank you, Thanks, You are welcome)
# Giving and responding to simple instructions (Open, Close, Shut)
# Making simple requests (Can you, Excuse me, I’m sorry …)
# Giving simple directions (Turn…, … left, … right.)

4. Ünite Numbers – Rakamlar
# Expressing quantity (How many … are there?)
# Making simple inquiries (How old are you?)
# Naming common objects
# Naming numbers (Count numbers from 1 to 10.)

5. Ünite Colors – Renkler
# Expressing likes and dislikes (like, don’t like)
# Making simple inquiries (What color …?)
# Naming colors (Black, blue, brown …)
# Naming numbers (How many ….?

6. Ünite At The Playground – Oyun Parkında
# Making simple inquiries (Do you …?)
# Making simple suggestions (Let’s …)

7. Ünite Body Parts – Vücudun Bölümleri
# Making simple inquiries (What is this?)
# Talking about possessions (My/your …)
# Telling someone what to do

8. Ünite Pets – Evcil Hayvanlar
# Making simple inquiries (Where is, Where are …?)
# Talking about locations of things

9. Ünite Fruit – Meyve
# Expressing likes and dislikes (like, don’t like)
# Giving and responding to simple instructions
# Making simple inquiries (Do you …? Yes, I do, No I don’t.)
# Telling someone what to do

10. Ünite Animals – Hayvanlar
# Expressing abilities (can, can’t)
# Expressing likes and dislikes (like, don’t like, hate)
# Making simple inquiries (Can you …?)

3. Sınıf İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Greeting – Selamlama
Greeting and saluting (Hi, Hello, Good evening, Good night,…)
Introducing oneself (My name is/This is …, I am … )
Naming numbers (Numbers from 1 to 20)

2. Ünite My Family – Ailem
Asking about and introducing family members (Who is …?)

3. Ünite People I Love – Sevdiğim İnsanlar
Describing characters/people (Are you young?)
Expressing ability and inability (Can s/he …?)

4. Ünite Feelings – Duygular
Expressing feelings (I am happy, I feel good)
Making simple suggestions (Let’s …)

5. Ünite Toys and Games – Oyuncaklar ve Oyunlar
Expressing Quantity (How many …. are there?
Naming colors (My ball is green. It’s a yellow kite.)
Talking about possessions (Have you got …? Yes, I have)

6. Ünite My House – Evim
Describing sizes and shapes (Is it big? Yes, it is. No it is small.)
Talking about locations of things (Where is ….?)
Talking about possessions (Has s/he has. No, s/he has not)

7. Ünite In My City – Şehrimde
Apologizing (Sorry, So sorry, Sorry about that)
Talking about locatoins of things and people (Where are you …? Where is the …?)

8. Ünite Transportation – Ulaşım
Talking about locations of things (Where is the boat?)
Asking and giving information about transportation (How can i go/get to …?)

9. Ünite Weather – Hava
Describing the weather (How is the weather? It’s rainy/snowy)

10. Ünite Nature – Doğa
Expressing likes and dislikes (I like/love, but I dislike/hate)
Making simple inquiries (Are there four dolphins? Yes there are four dolphins, No. There is one dolphin.)
Talking about nature and animals (This/That/It is a frog. It’s a big and green.)

4. Sınıf İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Classroom Rules – Sınıf Kuralları
Asking for permission (Can/May …? Yes, you can. Sure/Of course. Sorry, not right now.)
Making simple requests (Give me the book, please. Sure/Of course)
Telling someone what to do (Be quiet, please.)
Naming numbers (Numbers from 1 to 50.)

2. Ünite Nationality – Millet
Identifying countries and nationalities (Is s/he from …)
Talking about locations of countries (Where is Germany? It’s Europe.)

3. Ünite Cartoon Characters – Çizgi Film Karakterleri
Expressing ability and inability (Can you play …? Yes, s/he… No, s/he can’t….)
Talking about possessions (This is her/his/my/your …)

4. Ünite Free Time – Boş Zaman
Expressing likes and dislikes (like/dislike/hate)
Making simple inquiries (Do you like …? Yes, I do. No, I don’t)
Asking for clarification (Can you say that again, please?, Pardon me?, Say that again, please. Slowly, please.)

5. Ünite My Day – Günüm
Talking about daily routines (I wake up, I have breakfast)
Making simple inquiries (What do you do…? I have lunch …)
Telling the time and days (What time is it? days of the week, at noon/night)

6. Ünite Fun with Science – Bilimle Eğlence
Giving and responding to simple instructions
Making simple inquiries (What is “cover”?)
Talking about locations (Where is the brush?, in fron of, behind, near)

7. Ünite Jobs – Meslekler
Describing what people do and expressing what people like (What is your job?)
Making inquiries (Where does s/he work?)

8. Ünite My Clothes – Kıyafetlerim
Describing the weather (What’s the weather like? It’s rainy today. It’s windy.
Making simple requests (Can I borrow your umbrealla? Here you are)
Naming seasons of the year (It is … autumn/fall, spring, summer, winter)

9. Ünite My Friends – Arkadaşlarım
Describing people (What does s/he look like? She is tall and slim.)
Talking about possessions (I have brown hair.)

10. Ünite Food and Drinks – Yiyecek ve İçecekler
Making offers (Do you want …? Want a …? Would you like …? What/How about …?)
Expressing basic needs and feelings (I want some milk, please. Are you hungry?)

5. Sınıf İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Hello! – Merhaba!
Expressing likes and dislikes (Where is/are your favorite …? My favorite …)
Greeting and meeting people (Nice/Glad to meet you. Nice meeting you.)
Making simple inquiries (Where do you…? I study …)

2. Ünite My Town – Kasabam
Asking for and giving directions (Excuse me, how can i get to the city center?)
Talking about locations of things and people (Where are you? I’m at the library.)

3. Ünite Games and Hobbies – Oyunlar ve Hobiler
# Describing what people do regularly (Do you play …? No, I don’t. What are your hobbies? Playing chess and tennis.)
# Expressing ability and inability (Can you play …?)
# Expressing likes and dislikes (likes, don’t likes)

4. Ünite My Daily Routine – Günlük Rutinim
Describing what people do regularly. (What time do …? When do you …?)
Telling the time (What time is it? It’s half past nine.)
Naming numbers (Numbers from 50 to 100)

5. Ünite Health – Sağlık
Expressing illnesses, needs and feelings (I feel cold. I have the fly. I have a fever.)
Making simple suggestions (You should stay in bed. Have a rest. Visit a doctor.)

6. Ünite Movies – Filmler
Describing characters/people (Superman is very strong/brave/…)
Expressing likes and dislikes (I don‘t like/dislike/hate horror movies.)
Making simple inquiries (What is the movie about?)
Stating personal opinions (I think Superman is brave.)
Telling the time (What time is the movie? — It‘s at seven o‘clock.)

7. Ünite Party Time – Parti Zamanı
Asking for permission (Mom, can I have a birthday party? — Sure/For sure.)
Expressing and responding to thanks (This is lovely, thanks/Thank you very much. — You‘re (most) welcome.)
Greeting and meeting people (— Welcome! — Nice to see you!)
Expressing obligation (I must go to the birthday party.)
Telling the days and dates (When‘s your birthday?)

8. Ünite Fitness – Fitness
Making simple inquiries (Can you …? What is your favorite …? Which exercise/sports do you like?)
Asking for clarification (Sorry, can/could you repeat that,
Making/accepting/refusing simple suggestions (Let’s go …, That sounds great. How about …? Sorry. I can’t now.)

9. Ünite The Animal Shelter – Hayvan Barınağı
Asking for permission (Can we …? can I feed …? Of course … That’s not a good idea.)
Describing what people/animals are doing now (What is/are … doing? The cat is climbing the tree.)

10. Ünite Festivals – Festivaller
Describing general events and repeated actions (How does Ayşe celebrate Ramadan? — She visits her relatives.)
Naming numbers (numbers 100, 200, …, 1000)

6. Sınıf İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Life
Describing what people do regularly (Making simple inquiries)
# Telling the time and dates

2. Ünite Yummy Breakfast – Lezzetli Kahvaltı
Accepting and refusing (Can I have some cheese? Do you want some tea? Sure. No, it’s all gone.)
Describing what people do regularly (I eat honey and butter in the mornings.)
Expressing likes and dislikes (Yummy! I love/like muffins!, I don‘t like junk food. It‘s my favorite!)
Making simple inquiries

3. Ünite Downtown – Şehir Merkezi
Describing places (Making comparisons) (Downtown is busier on Mondays.)
Describing what people are doing now (What is s/he doing now/at the moment?)
Making comparisons
Making simple inquiries

4. Ünite Weather and Emotions – Hava ve Duygular
Describing places (What‘s the weather like? — It‘s foggy.)
Describing the weather
Expressing feelings (— I don‘t get it. Can you repeat
that, please?)
# Making simple inquiries (— I don‘t get it. Can you repeat
that, please?)

5. Ünite At the Fair – Fuarda
Describing places (There are many fun things at the fair.)
Expressing feelings (I think they are frightening.)
Expressing likes and dislikes (I agree. like/hate)
Making comparisions
Stating personal opinions (What do you think about fairs? I thinks … I disagree …)

6. Ünite Occupations – Meslekler
Describing what people do regularly
# Expressing ability and inability
# Making simple inquiries
# Naming the days
Telling the time, days and dates (—S/he was in Istanbul in May.)

7. Ünite Holidays – Tatil
Making simple inquiries
# Stating personal opinions
Talking about past events

8. Ünite Bookworms – Kitap Kurtları
# Talking about locations of things and

Talking about past events

9. Ünite Saving the Planet – Gezegeni Kurtarmak

# Describing what people are doing now
Giving and responding to simple suggestions (What should we do to save our world? — We should save energy.)
Making simple inquiries
Making simple suggestions
Telling someone what to do

10. Ünite Democracy – Demokrasi
Giving and responding to simple instructions
talk about your plans/opinions.)
Making simple inquiries (Are you a candidate? Who is your candidate?)
Talking about past events (— We had an election in our
school. — We elected our classroom president.)
Talking about what people do regularly

7. Sınıf İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Appearance And Personality – Dış Görünüş ve Kişilik
Describing characters/people (What does your best friend look like? • S/he is attractive, with curly hair and green eyes.)
Making simple comparisons (Giving explanations/reasons) (S/he can play basketball well because s/he is taller than me.)
Making simple inquiries

2. Ünite Sports – Spor
# 10th November, The anniversary of Atatürk’s passing away (10 Kasım Atatürk’ü Anma Günü ve Atatürk Haftası)
# Describing the frequency of actions
# Describing what are doing now
# Describing what people do regularly (Giving explanations and reasons) (I never/sometimes/often/usually/ always wake up early in the mornings.)
# Giving explanations and reasons
# Making simple inquiries
# Talking about past events
# Telling people what we know

3. Ünite Biographies – Biyografiler
# 29th October Atatürk, the founder of Turkish Republic (29 Ekim Cumhuriyet Bayramı)
# Giving explanations/reasons
# Making simple inquiries
# Talking about past events (S/he was a hardworking person. Why did s/he move to Manchester?
— S/he moved to Manchester to study physics.)
# Telling the time, days and dates (S/he was born in London in 1970. S/he grew up in London and s/ he stayed there until 1988.)

4. Ünite Wild Animals – Vahşi Hayvanlar
Describing the frequency of actions (Tigers usually hunt during the day.)
# Giving explanations/reasons
Making simple inquiries (Where do tigers live? • They live in Asia.)
Making simple suggestions
Talking about past events (Giving explanations/reasons) (Some animals became extinct because people hunted them for different reasons.)

5. Ünite Television – Televizyon
Describing what people do regularly (I usually watch football matches at weekends.)
Expressing preferences (I prefer movies to TV series.)
# Giving explanations/reasons
Making simple inquiries
Stating personal opinions (Talk shows are usually amusing, but I think reality shows are pretty boring.)
Talking about past events (Did you watch the wild life documentary last night?

6. Ünite Celebrations – Kutlamalar
Making simple suggestions (Accepting and refusing)
Making arrangements and sequencing the actions
# Expressing needs and quantity

7. Ünite Dreams – Rüyalar
Making predictions

8. Ünite Public Buildings – Kamu Binaları
Describing what people do regularly
Giving explanations/reasons (You should play in the new park to make friends. S/he can go to shopping malls to buy anything.
Making simple suggestions
Talking about plans
Talking about past events

9. Ünite Environment – Çevre
Describing simple processes (First, get the seeds. Then, plant and water them.)
Expressing obligation (should, have to, must)
Giving explanations/reasons (Rain forests are important because they are necessary for oxygen.)

10. Ünite Planets – Gezegenler
Making simple comparisons (— Jupiter is larger than Saturn.)
Telling the time, days and dates
Talking about past events (When did scientists discover Pluto? In 2003, the Mars Exploration mission began.)
Telling people what we know

8. Sınıf İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Friendship – Arkadaşlık
Accepting and refusing / Apologizing / Giving explanations and reasons (Would you like, How about, I’m sorry, Sure, that sounds fun!, Yeah why not …)
Making simple inquiries (Are you busy tomorrow evening? — No, not at all. Why?)

2. Ünite Teen Life – Genç Hayatı
Describing the frequency of actions
Expressing likes and dislikes (love, like, enjoy, hate, dislike)
Expressing preferences (I prefer hip-hop concerts, I think they‘re terrific.)
Making simple inquiries
Stating personal opinions (Making simple inquiries) (What do you do in the evenings? I usually do my homework, but I also listen to music.)

3. Ünite In The Kitchen – Mutfakta
Describing simple processes (First, then, finally)
Expressing preferences (Do you prefer cooking pizza or
pasta? — I love cooking and eating pizza.)
Making simple inquiries (Do I use two or three eggs? What can/should I use to cook soup?)
Naming common objects.

4. Ünite On The Phone – Telefonda
Following phone conversations
Stating decisions taken at the time of speaking

5. Ünite The Internet – İnternet
Accepting and refusing (Would you, Why don’t we, What do you mean? Yes, sure/That sounds great. I’m sorry, but I can’t.
Giving explanations/reasons
Making excuses
Making simple requests
Making simple inquiries
Talking about plans
Telling the time, days and dates
6. Ünite Adventures – Maceralar
Expressing preferences (What do you prefer …? I would rather … than … , I prefer rafting …)
Giving explanations and reasons
Making simple comparisons (I think bungee-jumping is more/less dangerous and challenging than canoeing.)
Making simple inquiries.
Stating personal opinions
Talking about what people do regularly
Talking about past events

7. Ünite Tourism – Turizm
Describing places (What do you think about Rome? Did you enjoy your trip? — It was incredible. It‘s truly an ancient city, and the weather was just perfect. It is in fact usually warm and sunny in Rome.)
Describing the weather
Expressing preferences (Which one do you prefer? Historic sites or the seaside? — I‘d rather visit historic sites because they)
Giving explanations/reasons (I think/guess/believe/suppose it is exciting. — In my opinion/to me, it is lovely.)
Making simple comparisons (In my opinion/to me, historical architecture is more beautiful than modern architecture.)
DStating personal opinions
Talking about experiences (Have you ever been/gone to …? — Yes, I have. — No, I have not. — I have been to Side before.)

8. Ünite Chores – Ev İşleri
Expressing feelings
Expressing likes and dislikes (I like it when my parents give me some pocket money.)
Expressing obligation (has to, have to, must)
Giving explanations/reasons
Making simple inquiries
Making simple suggestions

9. Ünite Science – Bilim
Describing what people are doing now
Describing what people do regularly
Giving explanations/reasons
Talking about past events (Scientific achievements of the past century changed the world. For example, Archimedes invented the water screw.)

10. Ünite Natural Forces – Doğal Afetler
Giving explanations/reasons
Making comparisons
Making predictions about the future (Giving reasons and results) (I think we will have water shortage in the future because we waste too much water. So we should/must stop wasting water sources.)
Making simple inquiries
Making simple suggestions
Stating personal opinions

9. Sınıf A1 – A2 İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Studying Abroad – Yurtdışında Okumak
Meeting new people and introducing oneself and family
Talking about possessions
Asking for and giving directions

2. Ünite My Environment – Çevrem
Talking about locations of things
Asking about and describing neighborhood
# Making comparisons

3. Ünite Movies – Filmler
Talking about likes/ dislikes, hobbies and free time activities
Expressing opinions
Making preferences
Telling and asking about the time and the date
Inviting and refusing/accepting an invitation

4. Ünite Human In Nature – Doğada İnsan
Describing daily routines
Talking about abilities
Talking about frequencies of activities

5. Ünite Inspirational People – İlham Veren İnsanlar
Asking about and describing people’s appearances and characters
Comparing characteristics and appearances.
Expressing opinions (Agreeing, disagreeing, etc…)
Talking about current activities

6. Ünite Bridging Cultures – Kültürleri Köprülemek
Asking about and describing cities
Identifying cultural differences
Talking about travel and tourism
Ordering food

7. Ünite World Heritage – Dünya Kültür Varlıkları
Talking about past events
Making inquiries about the ancient civilizations
Asking and answering questions in an interview

8. Ünite Emergency and Health Problems- Acil Durum ve Sağlık Problemleri
Giving and asking for advice
Giving and understanding simple instructions in case of emergency
Seeing the doctor
Expressing obligations and prohibitions

9. Ünite Invitations and Celebrations – Davetler ve Kutlamalar
Asking for and giving suggestions
Doing shopping
Making requests
Talking about future plans
Making and answering phone calls

10. Ünite Television and Social Media – Televizyon ve Sosyal Medya
Making predictions about the future
Asking for and giving opinion (agreement, disagreement, etc…)
Interrupting someone in a conversation
Gaining time in a conversation

10. Sınıf A2+ – B1 İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite School Life – Okul Hayatı
Exchanging personal information in both formal and informal language
Taking part in a conversation in everyday life situations

2. Ünite Plans – Planlar
Describing future plans and arrangements
Expressing one’s ideas in unplanned situations
Making oral presentations on a planned topic

3. Ünite Legendary Figure – Efsanevi Figür
Describing past activities and events
Talking about sequential actions
Describing characters and settings in an event in the past

4. Ünite Traditions – Gelenekler
Describing habits and routines in the past
Making oral presentations on a specific topic

5. Ünite Travel – Seyahat
Talking about past and present events/experiences
Exchanging ideas and plans
Asking for approvals and/or confirmations

6. Ünite Helpful Tips – Yardımcı İpuçlar
Giving and receiving advice
Talking about rules and regulations
Talking about consequences

7. Ünite Food And Festivals – Yemek ve Festivaller
# Making comparisons
# Talking about different kinds of clothing and shopping
# Describing objects, and people

8. Ünite Digital Era – Dijital Çağ
Stating personal opinions in everyday conversations
Stating preferences
Stating causes and effects
Giving an extended description and detailed information about people/places/events

9. Ünite Modern Heroes and Heroines – Kahramanlar
Talking about imaginary situations
Expressing wishes
Guessing meaning from the context

10. Ünite – Shopping – Alışveriş
# Making comparisons
# Talking about different kinds of clothing and shopping
# Describing objects, and people

11. Sınıf B1+ – B2 İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Future Jobs – Geleceğin Meslekleri
Making plans and predictions
Making an appointment
Talking on the phone

2. Ünite Hobbies and Skills – Hobiler ve Yetenekler
Expressing likes, dislikes and interests
Expressing preferences
Talking about present and past abilities

3. Ünite Hard Times – Zor Zamanlar
# Describing events happening at the same time in the past
# Explaining people’s habits in the past

4. Ünite What A Life – Nasıl Bir Hayat
# Describing places, people, and events in the past
# Ordering events
# Talking about personal experiences in the past

5. Ünite Back To The Past – Geçmişe Dönüş
# Expressing wishes and regrets for past events
# Talking about unreal past events

6. Ünite Open Your Heart – Kalbini Aç
Expressing degrees of certainty in the past
Expressing the criticism for the events in the past

7. Ünite Facts From Turkey – Türkiye Hakkında Gerçekler
Talking about landmarks and monuments
Describing cities and historic sites
Asking for and giving more detailed information

8. Ünite Sports – Sporlar
Reporting news
Making interview
Talking about sports

9. Ünite My Friends – Arkadaşlarım
Describing events, places and people
Asking for and giving clarification

10. Ünite Habits : Values and Norms – Değerler ve Normlar
Expressing opinions
Exchanging ideas
Making comments

12. Sınıf B2 – B2+ İngilizce Konular

1. Ünite Music – Müzik
Expressing opinion (agreeing, disagreeing, etc.)
Expressing preferences

2. Ünite Friendship – Arkadaşlık
Describing personal features
Making conclusions
Stating reasons

3. Ünite Human Rights – İnsan Hakları
Expressing ideas on human rights (gender equality,children rights…)
Making suggestions
Discussing problems

4. Ünite Coming Soon – Yakında
Making predictions
Expressing degrees of certainty and uncertainty
Receiving instructions about cyber games

5. Ünite Psychology – Psikoloji
Describing mood
Making suggestions to change negative mood
Following and giving instructions

6. Ünite Favors – İyilik
Making requests
Accepting and declining requests
Asking for and responding to favors

7. Ünite News Stories – Haber Hikayeleri
Narrating a past event / experience
Talking about sequential actions

8. Ünite Alternative Energy – Alternatif Enerji
Describing problems
Making complaints
Offering solutions

9. Ünite Technology – Teknoloji
Talking about things needed to be done
Asking and answering questions in interviews

10. Ünite Manners – Davranış, Tutum
Talking about wishes and regrets
Giving explanations